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Broaden your horizons and get curious!

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You might be asking why this is important, especially when you’ve got so much on your plate.

It’s all about stepping outside of the echo chamber you might be in.

Many of us might be creatures of habit:

  • Listening to the same music or radio station
  • Working with the same people
  • Hearing the same opinions

Which means that we might not be exposed to the new ideas, new ways of thinking or developments that could make a huge difference to our understanding and growth.

We know that companies value innovation, learning agility and the ability to look outside of our roles.

We know that the brain constantly reorganises itself by forming new neural connections (neuroplasticity) and as adults, we lose the connections we don’t use, and the connections we do have become fewer and stronger. Meaning we’re more wedded to what we think is right.

And we keep reinforcing these connections by seeking similar evidence. We like to be right!

So is it something you could do more of? You could always start small.

  • Get aware of some the opinions, habits, knowledge that you have – and look for something fresh, different that tests out your way of thinking.
  • Find out more about a topic from someone who has a different belief or perspective
  • Switch up what you listen to – try a new radio station or podcast
  • Watch a film / Netflix boxset on a genre you wouldn’t normally consider

Here are 3 ideas which you might find interesting:

I’d love to hear what you do, or your suggestions that you could share with others. What got you curious and thinking differently? Please leave a comment below to let me know.

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