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We’ve worked in partnership with Young’s to deliver a range of development projects, from: Operational Leadership Development, Leadership Coaching, Influence, Presenting and Teams & Performance.


Building the capability and confidence in managers and leaders across the business.


Bespoke development, tailor made for the participants’ and the organisation’s needs.

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Working in partnership with Make Real Progress

What was it like to work with us?

We asked Gail Khan, HR Director at Young’s to share her experience of working with us.

I first met Katy when I joined one of her virtual sessions over lockdown, which gave me a great insight into the way she works and how she delivers. I felt that she’d be a great fit for us at Young’s. And I was right! She really gets us, the way we work and our people.

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Just one example is how she adapts her sessions to be so practical. In our industry, some people get turned off by theory. But she strikes a balance of making it interesting, hands on and accessible – which can be a hard balance to achieve.

Another is how she works fluidly with our entrepreneurial minds. We can be rule breakers and she gives us space to test things, go into free flow and then guides us back seamlessly. And a third is how well she communicates with me, the participants and the Executive sponsors.

At Young’s we want to work with somebody who’s going to be our partner, and Katy’s style is very collaborative.

She listens, questions and understands what we want to achieve, actively suggesting options for us that we might not have considered.

Often we’ve found in the past that people have a course and just one way of running it. The same course that they deliver time and again to whatever audience, whatever industry.

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Katy’s willingness to adapt her content, create bespoke solutions and draw on her massive wealth of experience – even on the fly – is fantastic.

I’ve seen her reading the room and modifying plans, or even introducing new activities based on what’s needed in the moment by the participants in the room to achieve the outcome.

So, I’d especially recommend Katy for tailored and collaborative, partnered development.

Our people really rate Katy and have taken a lot from her programmes. We’ve seen the difference in how people present, lead, coach and here are just a few comments from participants:

“I found it extremely useful, working with actors for the first time was eye opening. I have always struggled with the countless courses & programmes I’ve attended over the years, so using well researched & informed actors was a high point for me.”
“Although I pride myself on being pretty self-aware, I realise now I’ve developed a habit of closing down conversations quickly, trying to advise /solve /impose my own ideas or solutions on my team & others far too much. Potentially adding work & stress to my working week, while at the same time not challenging or developing others to their own full potential”
“One of the best programmes I’ve ever done at Young’s”
“I’ve taken so much from the programme. 3 quick examples: I’ve used the personal branding activity with my team, focused on giving feedback on their presentations, become more assertive (rather than being resentful!) and my confidence has increased in spades as a result”
“Super session. I was a big fan of the hands on activities. Key learning: make the points succinctly, keep calm, turn the dial up on listening, practise my questioning”
“I’m focusing now on being proactive with senior stakeholders, taking the opportunity to present and build up confidence. I’m already putting loads of small elements from the programme into place and they’re making a difference”
“What a great day. It was engaging from the get go. Plenty of sharing real and practical ideas that I can use day to day (from dealing with team challenges to ice breakers for meetings). Loved using the facilitation technique to solve ‘real big challenges’ at work”

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