Coaching for Corporates

The Programme For Coaches Wanting To Work With Corporate Clients

13th October 2022 – 9.30am To 12.30pm (GMT)
14th October 2022 – 9.30am To 12.30pm (GMT)

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Are YOU ready to to make some changes?

If so, you could be building your business directly with corporates in just a few weeks time.

This exciting programme will enable you to transform your business results by getting under the skin of corporate buying habits and REALLY understanding how to create, position and sell your services.

In just two half days, you’ll leave with key frameworks to set yourself up for success. PLUS you get a bonus 1-1 mentoring session with me, so you can focus on your specific challenges and questions.

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I know how to help you make real progress

The programme is facilitated by me, Katy Walton. I’m a PCC ICF accredited coach and leadership & talent development specialist, and I’ve worked in-house for a number of Corporates for 25 years. In addition, for 4 years, I specialised in procuring coaching and training services.

My experience as both an in-house specialist, and now with my own business successfully selling my development and coaching products, will be shared with you over these two sessions. Plus you’ll get to work with me 1-1.

“Overall, a brilliant insight into the minds of those who book coaches and what’s on their corporate shopping list. Just Fantastic! Your pricing structures were a top tip which I’ll be adopting too. I feel clearer and more focused in what I need to do. Thank you so much”
Hannah Saunders
“Brilliant session, with great energy and insight into selling and marketing your business. It was all the more pertinent since Katy is someone with tremendous experience of procuring services. Katy thanks so much for sharing your expertise and knowledge. I really appreciated it and enjoyed the honesty and hard work you put into make the session a thought provoking delight!”
Surinder Punn

Your coaching experience is just one part of the jigsaw …

The secret sauce is in HOW you package it all together! And I’m not just talking about branding here either.

There’s a knack to getting a balance between what you want to sell and what your clients want to buy, and I’ll be sharing:

  • How to figure out your coaching sponsor, and what prompts them to buy from you
  • Ways to become consistently irresistible to work with
  • A look behind the scenes at both the processes and the opportunities

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The knowledge that you’ll gain will last you way beyond your next client …

In fact, you’ll gain ideas to boost your corporate appeal consistently by leveraging your experience and broadening out your proposition.

In addition to giving you fantastic insights, we’ll also be focussing on getting some of the basics right:

  • Building a brilliant corporate bio

  • Packaging a pricing structure that works

  • Knowing your niche

And then expanding out so you see all the opportunities and possibilities that you hadn’t considered previously. 

“It was exceptional! I learnt so much about positioning my coaching offer to Corporate clients. The session challenged my thinking and approach and has encouraged me to think differently about how I pitch and package my offer. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity to learn and benefit from your wealth of experience”
Natalie Harvey

The 2 sessions will be facilitated live

  • You’ll have expert input, guidance and facilitation from me
  • Opportunity to work in peer-led support groups
  • Q&A on your key questions throughout the programme

In addition, you’ll get:

  • Pricing guidelines – and seriously, these are gold-dust by themselves!
  • Downloadable PDFs on 1-1 and Team Coaching journeys, plus other handy guides to instantly professionalise your approach
  • A 30 minute 1-1 mentoring session with me, focussing on your key need. Whether that’s pricing, visibility, knowing your niche … so long as it’s to do with the topic of Coaching in Corporates, the time is yours!
  • Opportunity to network with other delegates before and after the live facilitated sessions
  • Ongoing support via a private Facebook community ONLY available to previous delegates

Here’s what we’ll be covering …



  • Your client and sponsors. What are they looking for?
  • How to boost your organisational appeal
  • Where do you want to position yourself: to niche or not to niche?
  • How to uncover the pain points that you’ll be creating a service for
  • Building a brilliant bio



  • How to leverage your experience to increase your value
  • Packaging your pricing
  • Professionalising your proposal
  • Pitching do’s and don’ts
  • The foundation processes to get right
PLUS: I’ll be asking you before you join for the KEY questions that you’d like to focus on, so the programme is tailored to what delegates most want to know AND you can ask additional questions throughout

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So what’s my background?

I mentioned the 25 years international experience as a coach and leadership & talent development specialist, this was built across a wide variety of businesses including:  

Thomas Cook  –  Alton Towers  – Nationwide Building Society –  Compare the Market

I set up my own coaching and development business, Make Real Progress Ltd in 2019. I work directly with a range of organisations, across a variety of sectors and have a number of associate coaches working with me.  

Manufacturing – Public sector – Financial Services – BioTech – Logistics – Professional Services – Tech


I’ll bring bags of inspiration, passion and energy to the programme and YOU will leave with clear, practical actions that help you make real progress.

“Just brilliant! Thank you. It was a real eye opener to a broader opportunity of work and where to pitch which I hadn’t previously considered. This will be of enormous benefit to my business.

Katy’s presenting skills are really quite something. She provided a very inclusive, thoroughly researched and extremely engaging environment. THANK YOU – I will highly recommend to anyone”
Natalie Miller-Snell

You don’t NEED to figure it out by yourself

I’ll be helping you to generate ideas on what you can put into place AND don’t forget there’s a cohort who will be working through with you.

There’s opportunity to join both mornings half an hour before the live teaching starts, and to stay for half an hour after it ends if you’d like to collaborate and connect with other participants.

Ideal for getting additional perspectives and brain-power, PLUS you’ll be building a broader network who can potentially support you in the longer term too.

You don’t NEED to spend a fortune

Although there are plenty of business coaches and mentors who charge a huge amount, this programme is superb value.

For less than the cost of a typical one-hour exec coaching fee, you’ll get

  • Chance to ask questions throughout and discuss your specific challenges with me 1-1
  • Unrivalled knowledge and experience from someone who has specialist knowledge in procuring coaches AND is regularly selling to corporates as a development and coaching business owner
  • Opportunity to think differently about your business model, your pricing & packaging and SO MUCH MORE

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newly qualified coach, or if you’ve already been selling to corporates for years. What you’ll get is a fresh look and a new perspective on how to increase your business and professionalise your approach.

What people say about working with me

“The session was gold dust. Thank you Katy. Seriously good. Not only was it clear that you knew your stuff, you are passionate about your stuff. You are generous with your knowledge in a pragmatic, helpful and immediately applicable way. There were some key things that immediately influenced my business: Pricing, Proposals and Problems that I solve”

Sarah Clein

“Katy has the magical knack of knowing what will really help her audience, getting it over in an accessible way and building confidence to go out and do it. I learnt so much about packaging programmes, simplifying things, focussing on how I deliver value. Thanks Katy

Sandra Whiles

“Two half days packed with super useful information that’s immediately applicable to my business. The conversations with other delegates were stimulating and thought provoking and the whole course has left me excited with what’s to come. Thanks Katy!”

Kate Hughes

“Katy filled in a huge gap which has always been missing with my freelance work- that insight into businesses, how to approach, be noticed and price effectively. Personally, it was great to see there is a clear market for those who don’t want to coach c-suite clients and what that would look like. It was great to help me refine my focus to where I know I am my best and can add real value. Katy has a real knack for helping coaches to find their place in the market and shine”

Charlotte Angus

“I think this programme was very rich. I learnt how to structure proposals, re-think my pricing and how much detail to offer. I learnt how to present my business in a Corporate friendly format and I’m now re-thinking how I present myself on social media platforms to be taken more seriously”

Charlotte Norris

“Katy, as always your teaching style and content is superb. It was so well structured and easy to understand. There were so many lightbulb moments where what I thought was complicated, you made so much simpler. The really big learning was around proposals and profile. Absolutely brilliant.I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to sell their coaching services to corporates to do this training”

Bev Thorogood

“I wanted to express how grateful I feel for having attended Katy’s Coaching for Corporates workshop. The generosity that Katy shows in the amount of ‘golden nuggets’ of information was a welcome change from having to glean from various courses. Her openness, approachable style and management of the programme has given me the confidence to progress my journey in the corporate marketplace. If there is a workshop providing quality enough to be a benchmark – this is it.”

Juliana Posada- Phillips

“Katy really helped me to tap into my existing knowledge and skillset and learn how to shape it to best effect in the external coaching environment. At an early stage of business development, this session was well-timed for me. Katy’s energy, delivery and facilitation skills are exceptional. Her breadth and depth of knowledge and direct experience added a richness to the session. Than you very much Katy!”

Penny Aspden

“There was so much rich content generously shared. The insights and data will help in so many ways. Particular standouts are the views from inside Corporates, how to approach pricing and honing my offering”

Rebecca Beck

“I’ve learnt so much! For me the most useful thing was the dual perspective that Katy has – both as someone who has bought in coaching in a big organisation as well as someone now selling in. There were so many nuggets of information that helped to demystify the process. Katy’s honesty and transparency about her own experience is pure gold and is what made the course so useful. The level of detail around processes, pricing and proposals was superb and has given me confidence that I would be able to go and offer a great service to a corporate client. Honestly the course was brilliant and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it”

Dana Stevens

“I learnt so much, covering every aspect of building a business with the added benefit of clear and well laid out defined ways to write proposals, bios, understanding what Corporates want to see and how to stand out and differentiate myself. I feel the knowledge I have learnt will save me hours of research and give me the confidence to set myself up in a good way. Thank you, for such an informative and interactive two days and I look forward to keeping in touch with the group and learning much more from you all in the Facebook Group”

Sandra Rowell

“This was some of the best training I’ve done on how to position myself to corporate clients. Understanding how the dynamics work between coaching sponsors, coachee and coach, what corporate buyers are looking for, what to include in a bio and proposal and of course the all important pricing was invaluable. I particularly enjoyed Katy’s style, visually and verbally she took us through a step by step journey with plenty of time for discussion, Q&A and connecting with fellow participants. I also found the 1-1 session with her particularly helpful in gaining feedback on my bio and strategy. Thanks Katy for a fantastic course”

Kris Thorne

Who is this for?

This programme is designed for coaches who either want to start selling to Corporates or who are already doing so and want to retain more clients and grow their customer base.

It’s not for you if:

  • You’re not open to viewing your service from a fresh perspective

  • You don’t want to market yourself

  • You’re looking for a super quick and easy solution

  • You want to ‘cold-sell’ your coaching – that’s not the approach I take or advocate
I’ll share so many key pieces of knowledge and insight, however, you’ll still need to take action and put the work in to make it happen.


  • 13th and 14th October 2022: 9.30am – 12.30pm (GMT) both days
  • You can choose to join at 9-9.30 and stay on from 12.30-1.00 if you’d like additional networking and collaboration time. These are not facilitated sessions
  • Unfortunately, due to the live nature of this programme, we don’t.
  • The sessions will be delivered live over Zoom. Although you can access Zoom over a browser, you’ll need to download the Zoom app to be able to join breakout rooms. There’s no charge for the basic Zoom account, which is all you’ll need.
  • The sessions will be recorded for participants own personal use, and you’ll have access to the recording afterwards
  • Absolutely not! Both of the sessions will be live, and involve full participation and interaction, opportunity for questions, feedback and coaching. Please don’t expect to just sit and listen as this is a truly immersive experience
  • I offer a limited amount of 1-1 mentoring (please email for more information. You can choose from one-off intensive sessions, ongoing fortnightly support or a combination of both.

How much does the Programme cost?

A LOT LESS than you might think!

I’m highly confident that this programme is a worthwhile investment, and demand is currently high!

£495 + VAT

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Remember that you’ll get:

  • Live training

  • 30 mins 1-1 mentoring (after the programme, to be taken within 30 days)

  • PDF downloads

  • Opportunity for Q&A throughout the programme

  • Networking and collaboration with other coaches before and after both live taught sessions

  • Ongoing access and support via Facebook community ONLY for previous paying participants

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