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Trigger warning for anyone who has a pile of unread books – don’t read on!

I love a book or 20. In fact, I learnt how to break Tsundoku (the Japanese term for leaving books unread) a couple of years back, because I felt paralysed by the amount I’d bought – digitally and hard copy – and not yet got round to.

But now you’ve had the warning, here are 5 books on Management / Leadership that I think are well worth your time for different reasons.

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  1. Radical Candor: For a whole range of ways to have great conversations that make a difference
  2. The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: The fable of an underperforming top team, unpicking what’s gone wrong and why.
  3. Primal Leadership: THE book that spotlighted exactly why Emotional Intelligence matters in leadership
  4. Turn the Ship Around: The true account of a naval submarine commander transforming both his leadership approach and the performance and engagement of his crew
  5. Crucial Accountability: How to hold anyone accountable, master performance and get results.

Is there one on the list that piques your interest? One that is ‘just right’ for what you’re working on?

If so, please Leave a Comment below.

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