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For many L&D professionals, the desire to help employees learn and develop so they can further their careers was the reason for joining the profession.  Providing the stepping stones for others is your passion, but what about your own development?

Too many times I have seen that L&D professionals become pigeon-holed, only seen as the person that delivers training. Or even worse, the “fun guy” – the person with a reputation only for spicing up team-building activities.  You’re smart. You know your stuff. And you know that L&D can deliver so much more than that so what can you do to be seen as more than a mushroom?

Here are 5 key points to act on to supercharge your L&D career:

Work on building your reputation and credibility so you are seen as an expert by your stakeholders.  Think of yourself as a brand – you need to build your brand, your reputation and your credibility. How are you seen by the business?

Learn how to add real value to the business and future proof your career and opportunities. Become skilled at Performance Consulting so that you become a trusted advisor in people development rather than just being an order taker.

Research which skills are crucial that will make a huge difference to you and the business you work for.  You can do this by:

  • Discovering different approaches to development.
  • Learning how to engage and empower people in their own development.
  • Focusing on action learning that harnesses the power of social and collaborative learning.
  • Exploring the modern “tools of the trade” – the must-have models, ideas and concepts for modern L&D.

Develop relationships with your stakeholders so they are part of the L&D process and are onside when it comes to role modelling best practise. People look to what their leaders are doing / saying – so if they’re acting as advocates for you and your work, it makes a huge difference to your reputation and impact.

Consider ways you can get people to engage with what you do. That way, L&D becomes a focal point on the map – a motorway rather than a B road! Not only are you marketing L&D but you are building your own brand at the same time too.

Want more help? You can see the full list of 28 tips that I shared on LinkedIn on my feed.

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Radical Candor:
Kim Scott

A practical book to help you land honest guidance, and so much more. Former silicon valley leader with plenty of advice and tips.



How to say anything to anyone:
Shari Harley

A 15 minute whirlwind of candid and funny feedback advice, with an 8 step process you can use for the really HARD stuff!



Have a go!

Start small with a lower risk conversation that you’ve been putting off. Try out some of the suggestions here, and then see what response you get.

If you don’t get a great outcome, reflect back on what you were doing, saying and thinking. What could you change for next time?

And if you:

  • Want to practise some of those challenging conversations
  • Need support and guidance to deal with the specific challenge that you’re having right now
  • Want to make sure as a new manager that you’re prepared for when you have to have one

Our Challenging Conversations workshop might be just the thing for you.

Alternatively, our coaches are skilled at working with people who find conflict and confrontation difficult, and can work with you 1-1 to overcome your fears or alter your unhelpful thinking patterns.

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