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About this event:

12 quick and impactful sessions for HR and L&D professionals running through the day, all focussed on inspiring you to develop yourself or develop others.

The speakers are hand-picked to provide a real variety of topics. You can pick one or two, or come to all of them. The choice is yours.


10am -10.30am

Dan Benham

Creating a Personal Development Plan that might actually work!

10.30am -11am

Dan Bass

Creating a learning culture

11am – 11.30am

Julie Begbie

More Joy. More Money. Find Your Happy Side Hustle Idea.

11.30am – 12pm

Vic Dioh

Your Recipe

12pm – 12.30pm

Sian Ferguson

The water and sunshine of growth!

12.30pm – 1pm

Andy Cope

The Art of Being Brilliant

1pm – 1.30pm

Simon Rollings

Personal branding

1.30pm – 2pm

Gillian Haston

Clearing Blocks To Be At Your Personal Best

2pm – 2.30pm

Tulay Massey

3 must do things to actually achieve the goals you set! A whole new way to set your 2022 development goals!

2.30pm – 3pm

Dana Stevens

Lighting a fire under your leaders.

3pm – 3.30pm

Cat Hase

The 3 C’s: How to use play to make learning stick

3.30pm – 4pm

Natalie Miller Snell

Finding Purpose

Your Fired Up Friday Host

Katy Walton

Learning and growth are what fire me up. I’m the Director of Make Real Progress (a development and coaching company) and I’ve spent my whole 25 year career in L&D.

Over the past 4 years I’ve created networks and communities all focussed on supporting fellow HR and L&D professionals. Developing them to develop others.

I know that January often feels like a long, hard slog – so I wanted to create a FREE virtual festival of inspiration to get you FIRED UP AND READY TO GROW for the year ahead.

If you can’t make it to any of the sessions, we’ve got you covered! Hop into my Facebook Community The Progress Club via the link below, and you’ll be able to access all of the video replays in there.

I’ll be hosting you and the wonderful mix of speakers on the day, and can’t wait to see you there!

What you’ll get from Fired Up Friday

  • Inspiration
  • Motivation
  • Development

Links to find out more about Katy:



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dan benham

Time: 10am

Name: Dan Benham

Title: Creating a Personal Development Plan that might actually work!

About Dan:

I am a coach and leadership development specialist with over 15 years’ experience. I’m really interested in what makes people tick, why they do what they do, and how to help them do it better! I specialise in taking the theory and making it work in the real world.

What you’ll get from this talk:

  • Understanding why personal development matters
  • Using your strengths to develop yourself
  • Figuring out what we should actually be working on

Links to find out more about Dan:

Dan Bass

Time: 10.30am

Name: Dan Bass

Title: Creating a learning culture

About Dan:

There’s nothing more satisfying that seeing the people around you flourish. Over my career as a software developer and leader, I’ve also observed that learning, growing and inspired teams are the best way to achieve business outcomes, customer value and far reaching ambitions. So when the people flourish, your business is more likely to succeed. I’m a tech geek who enjoys scaling software engineering teams.

What you’ll get from this talk:

  • Stories of how I’ve seen learning cultures develop outside (but with support from) HR
  • Stories of how learning communities expand out beyond the organisation bounds
  • Why spending time in other peoples shoes makes us better teachers and coaches

Links to find out more about Dan:


Julie Begbie

Time: 11.00am

Name: Julie Begbie

Title: More Joy. More Money. Find Your Happy Side Hustle Idea.

About Julie:

Hi, I’m Julie and I work in L&D. My successful side hustles have paid for 10 “once in a lifetime” Disney World trips. I have been successfully setting up side businesses for 15 years, and have discovered that there is a simple formula for success. If you would love to work out how to spend your lunch hour doing something that you love – and that makes you happy – and want to generate cash to take your family on a dream holiday, I can help. I am your side hustle side-kick. If you have a creative streak, if you aren’t totally fulfilled by your day job, if you’d like to work flexibly, if you have a little time at lunch or when the kids are asleep – if you want to raise some extra money by doing something that makes you happy – I’m your girl!

What you’ll get from this talk:

  • Why you need a happy side hustle
  • How to find a unique talent – and monetise it
  • The incredible side hustle side effect – rippling joy into your day job

Links to find out more about Julie:


Victoria Dioh

Time: 11.30am

Name: Victoria Dioh

Title: Finding your recipe

About Vic:

Hi, I’m Vic, otherwise known as The African Oracle. I help those who want more by creating the recipe of their life!

What you’ll get from this talk:

  • The Recipe Of You
  • The Ingredients of Your Recipe
  • Your Treasure Box

Links to find out more about Vic:


Sian Ferguson

Time: 12.00 pm

Name: Sian Ferguson

Title: The water and sunshine of growth!

About Sian:

Professional musician, psychologist and executive coach, lifelong meditator and emerging yogi, Sian is attuned to many of the elements which make us human! The need for purpose, the need for play, the need for presence.

With a career journey through the arts, media and financial services, Sian is now a Director in Leadership and Talent in Kincentric’s UK/EMEA team. She brings an integration of creativity and conceptual prowess with commercial pragmatism. Her career both within organizations and consulting blends deep expertise in assessment and leadership development with a keen insight into leadership and extensive experience leading change and transformation.

What you’ll get from this talk:

  • Creating a healthy sustainable learning habitat
  • Knowing what to do when we can’t see the roots
  • When over-watering kills!

Links to find out more about Sian:


andy cope1

Time: 12.30 pm

Name: Dr Andy Cope

Title: The Art of Being Brilliant

About Andy:

Dr of Happiness, keynote speaker, best-selling author, learning junkie and recovering academic … Andy session is based on the science of positive psychology. It’s evidence-based but with the big words surgically removed and replaced with common sense, doable principles and great fun. The challenge is quite straight-forward; it’s about raising your ‘new normal’ to world class.

What you’ll get from this talk:

  • No bull
  • No big words
  • A smidge of science and lots of happiness top tips

Links to find out more about Andy:


Simon Rollings

Time: 1.00 pm

Name: Simon Rollings

Title: Personal Branding

About Simon:

Simon is a speaker, trainer and coach helping professionals across all industries to improve their ability to communicate.

We all have a personal brand, it’s just that most of us don’t realise it. By looking at how we can begin to develop and then proactively market our own, we can begin to manage the impact we are making on those around us.

What you’ll get from this talk:

  • Understand the importance of pro-actively managing our own personal brand –
  • Consider multiple ways to help us develop and refine our brand –
  • Appreciate the number one rule for promoting and living our brand

Links to find out more about Simon:


Gillian Haston

Time: 1.30 pm

Name: Gillian Haston

Title: Clearing Blocks To Be At Your Personal Best

About Gillian:

I help forward-thinking people to get the best performance from themselves and their teams in times of change by tackling it from within through 1:1 and Group Coaching , Training, Consultancy, NLP , EFT, Hypnotherapy. With a long career in senior roles in HR, and Organisational Development, I use my my knowledge and experience of change to create transformations.

What you’ll get from this talk:

  • How we view the world around us and form beliefs which impact on our performance and relationships.
  • How we filter and distort information and how this impacts on our behaviours
  • How to change our mindset and the language we use to break through blocks and perform at our best

Links to find out more about Gillian:


Tulay Massey

Time: 2.00 pm

Name: Dr Tulay Massey

Title: 3 must do things to actually achieve the goals you set! A whole new way to set your 2022 development goals!

About Tulay:

I’m a mindset transformation coach and I will be talking about 3 things you must do to achieve any goal you set your mind to. This training is for you: If you are the kind of person who

  • Is fed up of setting personal development goals that you never achieve
  • Is always missing your goals, keep giving up or end up resenting them
  • Wants to find a new way to achieve your goals regardless of the external circumstances

What you’ll get from this talk:

  • Why you never seem to follow through with the goals you set at the beginning of each year
  • 3 must do essentials to any goal setting
  • How you can use these to help achieve your goals this year.

Links to find out more about Tulay:


Dana Stevens

Time: 2.30 pm

Name: Dana Stevens

Title: Lighting a fire under your leaders.

About Dana:

Dana Stevens helps female leaders to develop greater confidence in themselves, nurture their own leadership style and establish healthy boundaries to prevent burnout. Through 1-2-1 Coaching and bespoke development programmes she helps women fulfil their potential and become brilliant leaders so that businesses hold onto and support their female talent.

Prior to gaining her ICF qualification and setting up The Big Up Coaching & Courses, Dana spent 18 years experience working in marketing strategy and content creation for some of the UK’s best known brands including the BBC, Cadbury, Simple and the British Red Cross. Most recently she was Head of Planning, running a large Strategy Department at VCCP, one of the UK’s top advertising agencies.

What you’ll get from this talk:

  • It’s time for a radical rethink of how we set our leaders up for success.
  • Let’s look at how powerful it could be to switch up the conversations we’re having about leadership.
  • You’ll leave inspired to start shaking things up where you work!

Links to find out more about Dana:


Cat Hase-min

Time: 3.00 pm

Name: Cat Hase

Title: The 3 C’s: How to use play to make learning stick

About Cat:

Cat Hase is a Creativity Coach who loves nothing more than the question “have you got any ideas for……?” Imagination, play and fun are what drives Cat’s work; both how she works with people and in the outputs that are created. She works with Learning & Development professionals to help them design and deliver workshops and courses that are full of engagement, aha’s and action.

What you’ll get from this talk:

  • An introduction to the 3 C’s and how play can make learning stick
  • To take part in a playful learning experience
  • To consider ideas you can implement in your own work

Links to find out more about Cat:


Natalie Miller-Snell

Time: 3.30 pm

Name: Natalie Miller-Snell

Title: Finding Purpose

About Natalie:

I am a certified coach specialising in enabling clients to understand their purpose, embrace their full authentic selves, while leading with confidence and optimism. I work with individuals and teams to enhance growth, performance and well-being, facilitating development through listening, supporting and ensuring clients feel seen, valued and heard. 

I am passionate about enabling individuals to find clarity, purpose, focus and confidence by tapping into their own genius through open conversation, creative thinking and powerful questions. I am also host of Seize the Day podcast, a motivational and uplifting show exploring the tools we can use to help us seize opportunities that life presents us.

What you’ll get from this talk:

  • How do I find my ‘why’?
  • What is limiting me?
  • How do I take action?

Links to find out more about Natalie:


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