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Over the years, supporting hundreds of people to navigate their careers, I’ve found that focusing on the 3 areas below can make a huge difference to the 60 million dollar question ‘what do I want to do next?’

What do you NEED from your career? It may be security or stability, it might be status, it might be camaraderie … And it’s likely that your needs will shift over time. One of the best ways to focus on what’s most important to you is to rank a list of needs in order and highlight your top 3.

What gives you ENERGY? What do you love doing? When we’re passionate about our work, time flies!

What are your STRENGTHS? According to Gallup research, we’re 8% more productive and six times more likely to be engaged when we work with our strengths.

And if you want a helping hand with those, I’ve got a download for you – 3 ways to focus on what you want from you career to help you identify what important to you, your motivators and drivers for your career.

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