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Frontline Group

Frontline group management development programme participants


After delivering a successful series of virtual workshops on Boosting Resilience, Frontline Group approached us to revamp, revitalise and facilitate their Management Development Programme.


Building the confidence and skillsets for 36 of their first-line people leaders.


Our flagship LEAD! programme, with adaptations and additional modules. Sponsored by CEO Frank Straetmans and strongly supported by Directors across the group.

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The results

Amazing feedback and progress from the participants, resulting in Make Real Progress being retained to deliver 2 further programmes for other people leaders across the business.


An average increase of 42% in their / their line managers’ perception of skill levels from before to after the programme, across all 7 modules.

What was it like to work with us?

Our aim is to partner with the companies that trust us to deliver their development programmes. Being easy to work with, adaptable and credible. So, we asked Fiona Winchester, People and Culture Director at Frontline Group, to share her experience.

“Katy is great to work with. Asking insightful questions to dig deep so that she understands the challenges, reflects our culture into the programme and make it such a safe space for our line managers to learn in.

She’s created and delivered the whole package; from fully supporting the delegate onboarding process, being flexible when things have needed to change at the last minute and providing a host of great resources to ensure a real professional feel to the whole programme. Queries and problems are quickly responded to with a great collaborative approach.

Katy has worked so well with us to provide not only a great programme, but also ensuring the management and delivery of it is aligned to our culture. She very quickly established credibility with our leadership team.

Our line managers demonstrate far more confidence, broader thinking and the ability to support and develop their team. They’ve developed stronger working relationships with each other and this cross functional interaction serves as a platform for the wider development of our talent.

I would thoroughly recommend Katy for her professional approach, extensive knowledge and credibility. She has the ability to coach and challenge effectively to help the organisation gain real clarity regarding what they are wanting to achieve and deliver targeted learning interventions that are culturally aligned and delivered in a way to maximise learning.”

What have participants implemented from the programme?

Flipchart notes from one of the Lead! programme sessions

Just a few examples shared by participants. After each module, we established their focus and set accountability for action. At the end of the programme, participants presented their key learning, actions and results to the Directors.

“After understanding more about my style and approach to leading others, I quickly realised where I can change to be much more effective in my communication. Not only has this been the most effective learning I’ve actioned at work, it’s also been one of the biggest shifts I’ve ever made in my personal life. Unsurprisingly, the positive outcomes have been almost immediate”.

“I’ve developed 60% of my team into new roles that better suit their skills and career aspirations”

“I’ve already hosted sessions with clients and my team to turn ideas and visions into a strategy with clear objectives. Even using this terminology seems to have given me more credibility”

“I feel I’ve made progress with all of it. My biggest takeaway is probably the confidence that the programme has given me. In hindsight, that should have been my biggest development area”

“I’m much more confident in dealing with difficult situations/discussions and coaching. I adapt my style depending on the team member and the situation”

“I’m certain the vulnerability I have started showing with my team has fostered an environment of trust, where they now are becoming more open with me. I approach 1-1s in a very different way and have tackled awkward and sensitive issues with a lot more confidence.”

“There were a few simple techniques that came out of the Lead Development module that I implemented at the first available opportunity and have been blown away by how responsive my team have been and how much of a dramatic shift it has made. It’s been transformative to my skills and ability as a line manager.”

What did they think of the programme?

Not only did the participants gain the toolkits and skills to grow as People Leaders, they benefited from increased personal confidence and a network of peers.

“I really loved it. It’s been fantastic and come at a perfect time for me, as my role has expanded over the last few months.  I feel far more comfortable as a manager, I’ve learned a lot about myself too. And now feel I have a support network available. I just want to say a final thank you to Katy for taking the time, being patient, and being open with us”

“I’ve absolutely loved being part of the programme and feel incredibly lucky to have been given this opportunity. I really threw myself into every session, getting involved by sharing my own experience, giving advice or asking questions. Katy was a fantastic facilitator and challenged us perfectly in our thinking. I’m so pleased to see the significant increase in my skills rating. I can see how I will use the learnings from this programme in my everyday manager life, now and in the future.”

“I had a lot of nerves before starting the programme but have taken a lot from it. Not only from a management perspective but I also feel my confidence in general has grown as Katy created an environment where I felt listened to and that my ideas and opinions were valued. I work with a lot of big personalities and because of that have often taken a back seat but while on the course and since I’m much more confident putting my ideas and opinions forward.”

“I really enjoyed the programme content and structure. It was paced well and I liked that it ran over several months. The energy and environment that Katy fostered was really valuable as it felt like a space where we could share and discuss openly. I definitely benefited a lot from that. Having all the content in workbook format, along with additional Read, Watch, Listen and Do material, means that it’s something that I can (and do) refer back to and I know it will continue to feed into my development.”

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