Influence & Impact

The fully immersive programme for professionals who want to have a voice, make a difference and get results!

Are YOU ready to get results?

If so, you could be doing exactly that in just a few weeks time.

The last year has been a rollercoaster. You’ve had to navigate home working and remote meetings, make decisions that hadn’t even entered your mind a few months before, and learn build relationships from afar.

NOW we’re emerging from lockdown, it’s time to demonstrate what an influential professional like you can REALLY do for the business.

And we can show you how to do exactly this over the course of just six sessions.

We know how to help you make real progress

The 6 session programme will be jointly facilitated by Katy Walton and Emma Bradbury.

As an exec coach and development specialist, Katy has worked with hundreds of professionals to help them get under the skin of influence. This goes far beyond any theory, and focusses on the super practical.

  • You’ll learn the WORDS that have huge psychological impact
  • You’ll discover how and where your CONFIDENCE holds you back, and how to overcome it
  • You’ll create your own STRATEGY based on what works for you, your stakeholders and the business that you’re in

Once you know the formula, you’ll be astounded to see how you can use it in so many situations. It’s truly a CAREER GAME-CHANGER

Emma is an exceptional facilitator and coach. She will bring her real World examples and share EXACTLY how she used this framework to transform her relationships and results as a strategic HR Business Partner to Exec Directors of a large corporate.

Ideal if you want to know:

  • How to TURN AROUND ‘inherited’ issues where your role is seen as less-than credible
  • How to GAIN ENTRY with a stakeholder who views you as irrelevant and out of date
  • How to be INVITED to the whole meeting, and not just the courtesy AOB / update slot

Knowing WHAT to do to influence is just one part of the jigsaw …

The secret sauce is in HOW you deliver it! This is about being able to clearly see the impact you have on other people, and you can’t read the label from inside the jar!!

There’s a thin line between productive and unproductive influencing tactics, and without honest feedback (which let’s face it, is often hard to come by) you might never know just what your impact actually is.

We’ll create a safe environment to experiment with different tactics, and share openly what’s landing, and what needs a little more focus.

The skills and confidence that you’ll grow on this programme will last you way beyond your current role …

Whether you’re a new leader, an expert in your role, or wanting a promotion – the skills that you’ll develop will give you an excellent advantage.

We’ve taught variations of this framework for over 15 years to a variety of leaders and professionals from Senior Risk Managers, to Finance Controllers, and HR directors so we’re confident that whatever you choose to focus on in the future, your new influence and impact skill set will be invaluable.

In our time as in-house talent professionals, these areas came up time and again as reasons NOT to promote:

-Not visible enough in the organisation

-Lack of presence in a committee meeting

-Little gravitas

-Inability to engage stakeholders

This programme can make a significant difference for you in ALL of those areas.

All you need is to commit to 6 x 2.5-hour sessions over two months…

And you’ll learn what you need to last you a life time.

The programme follows a simple and easy to follow framework which will enable you to get:

  • Clarity on the influencing tactics to significantly increase your impact
  • A different perspective on the challenges and barriers you’re facing in to

Coaching, feedback and support to grow your confidence

The 6 sessions will be facilitated live.

  • You’ll have expert input from both facilitators
  • Opportunity to put techniques into practice
  • If you’re unable to attend one, you’ll get access to the recordings.

In addition, you’ll get:

  • Recommended reading and videos to really cement your learning
  • A course workbook and downloadable PDFs to help your thinking
  • An optional orientation and welcome event one evening (we’ll select a date that works for most delegates) to get to know one another ahead of the programme start, so we can dive straight into the content.

Here’s what we’ll be covering …



Learn how to land your message clearly and succinctly to persuade and get buy in.



Focus on the areas which build sustainable, long term commitment and partnerships.



Discover how to speak so that people want to listen.



Get clear on where your influencing superpowers and kryptonite lie.



View the challenges from your Stakeholder’s perspectives. Learn new confidence building techniques.



Work on your specific influencing challenges and shape a strategy that will really work

You’ll be in capable hands

Not one, but TWO expert facilitators.

Emma and Katy have worked together for years, almost like the Ant and Dec of the development world.

What you can expect when you have TWO of us in the virtual room is:

MORE support

MORE challenge

MORE viewpoints.

And more fun? We do think that’s OK – even when we’re focussed on the tough stuff. In fact ESPECIALLY when we’re focussed on the tough stuff!

Although we are on the same page when it comes to what works and what doesn’t from an influencing standpoint, we’ve both had different experiences of putting it into practise.

You’ll get the benefit of both of our skillsets for the price of one.


Katy has 25 years international experience as a coach and leadership & talent development specialist, working across a wide variety of businesses.

People love the inspiration, passion and energy that Katy brings, and leave with clear, practical actions that help them make real progress.

When people work with her, they build their confidence, impact and ability to influence. Clients rate her high support, high challenge approach.

Katy is a Post Graduate Certified Coach, accredited via the International Coaching Federation.

Katy also runs a free FACEBOOK community, helping professionals like you to develop their skills. Join her there to get tips and resources right now, for FREE!


Emma has over 20 years’ experience across a range of HR roles, including Leadership Development and Business Partnering, where she focussed on career and talent development at Director level.

She has extensive experience in both large corporate environments and small businesses and charities, and so understands the commercial savvy and skills needed to get things done.

When you work with Emma, you will be heard and understood. Clients have described her as having the ability to get to the real issues quickly

You don’t NEED to figure it out by yourself

You’ll be with other professionals  and leaders who understand what your challenges are.

It’s very likely that your strengths may be someone else’s weak points!

We’ll be creating community over the course of the programme, encouraging you to stay in touch, working with one another both during and after.

And don’t forget – Emma and Katy will be alongside you the whole time.

You don’t NEED to spend a fortune

Or spend more than you or your company need to really supercharge your skillset.

This programme is superb value, costing around 50% of a typical influencing programme for this ONE TIME ONLY launch, with TWO facilitators!!

As it’s a BETA LAUNCH (this means that it’s the FIRST TIME that we’ve run it in this exact format) we’re offering a significantly reduced rate this time around. In return, we’ll be asking for your clear, open and honest feedback, so we can make adjustments and continually improve.

It matters deeply to us that you:

  • Learn key skills and mindsets that make a REAL difference to your performance
  • Make REAL progress in your current job and in your career
  • Feel like you’ve got REAL value from the investment that you or your company have made

We’ll be running this programme again in October / November, so if you can’t make it this time around, you’re welcome to join the waitlist for when we run it next time around. Please be aware that the price will be higher than the cost of this BETA launch.

CLICK HERE to join the waitlist.

What people say about working with us

“I am so impressed with Katy’s delivery online - she has wonderful energy alongside tremendous and valuable knowledge and insight. She’s a great listener, paying close attention to everyone with a light touch so even the most reluctant voice will speak up. She sets up her sessions with thought and attention to individual needs and detail - so we all take what we want from the experience. Fabulous - thank you Katy!”
Janie Van Hool
Author and Leadership Impact Specialist
“I attended a virtual session facilitated by Katy. I was not only impressed with her knowledge of the subject matter (influencing), but her ease of delivery over a screen. Having facilitated all my offering on-line since Covid 19, her skill at keeping engagement should not be underestimated – she makes it look deceptively easy when it’s a real art form. She’s passionate about what she does and has a practical and encouraging style. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”
Elspeth Mills Rendall
Barrister, Mediator and Facilitator
“I’ve attended a few virtual workshops and am consistently enthused by Katy’s delivery. She captures her audience and imparts her wealth of knowledge seamlessly. Sessions from Katy are a definite must-do, I’ve been blown away by how much I learnt! In just 90 minutes Katy covered content I would normally expect to last a day, but in a way that felt enjoyable and easy to learn. I absolutely love Katy’s style of delivery, I’ve yet to meet a trainer who can do remote sessions that are as engaging as hers. Thank you Katy!”
Hayley Brackley
Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service
“I can thoroughly recommend the Influencing workshop. Excellent content, expertly delivered”
Gillian Doolin
Talent, Performance and Development specialist, NHS

Remember, as it’s a BETA LAUNCH (this means that it’s the FIRST TIME that we’ve run it in this exact format) this feedback is from other virtual workshops when people have experienced our work. AND it’s why we’re offering such a HUGE discount this time around!

Who is this for?

This programme is designed for people leaders and business professionals.

We won’t be excluding people based on their title, as we all know that in one company a manager could undertake a similar role to a Head of Dept in another company.

However, as a guideline, you should be in a role which currently:

  • Needs you to work with more senior stakeholders, usually director level (although this might differ in very large organisations)
  • You have the ability to put forward ideas, recommendations and make suggestions (even if they’re not always taken forward!)
  • You have access to people who are the key decision makers for the business
  • Your role is required to be strategic in nature, or forward planning

Typical titles will be:

  • Head of dept
  • Business Partner
  • Senior Manager

It’s not for you if:

    • You’re just starting out in your career
    • You don’t have access to senior stakeholders as part of your role
    • You’re not required to pull together proposals, recommendations or plans

Although the skills would be useful for you, we want to make sure that the strengths and experience in the room are of broadly the same level, so that when you attend, you can benefit not just from the learning, but the guidance of the broader cohort.

You’ll get what YOU need for YOU

Remember that we’ll be working on your own specific influencing challenge, so make sure you bring real life examples of what you want to tackle.

You’ll leave with real clarity on your options and know just what you need to put into place.

You’ll get plenty of practice

Practise is at the heart of this programme. It’s often a fine line we tread between assertive and aggressive, responsive or passive. So you’ll get chance to EXPERIMENT and try the tactics on for size.

This way, you’ll leave the programme knowing not only what works, but crucially what works for YOU, YOUR stakeholders and YOUR business

It’s not a ‘one size fits all’

Although the framework is consistent and gets brilliant results, YOU get to choose how and when you use the different approaches.

That’s what makes this programme so special.


  • The first live session is the 12th May. The last live session is the 23rd June. There will be 6 live sessions in total, with a gap of two weeks to embed some learning in between. We’ll also have an optional to attend orientation meeting, to introduce you to each other and set the scene for the programme.
  • We’ve designed each session to last 2.5 hours, to make it easier to attend than a whole day. If you can’t attend one, you’ll be able to access the recording. However, each session will have practical activities in breakout rooms, which unfortunately can’t be either recorded or replicated.
  • Unfortunately, due to the live nature of this programme, we don’t.
  • The sessions will be delivered live over Zoom. You may need to access these on your own device if your company laptop doesn’t accept it. Zoom tends to offer more functionality. More stability and better connection. Although you can access Zoom over a browser, you’ll need to download the Zoom app to be able to join breakout rooms. There’s no charge for the basic Zoom account, which is all you’ll need.
  • Absolutely not! Each of the 6 sessions will be live, and involve full participation and interaction, opportunity for questions, feedback and coaching. Please don’t expect to just sit and listen as this is a truly immersive experience.
  • When any new programme format is offered out, it can be described as a BETA. It’s NOT a pilot, as Emma and Katy have delivered versions of this programme for around 15 years with great success. However, this is the first time it’s run in this exact format.
  • The pros are straightforward. You’ll get access to an amazing programme for around 50% of the future cost. The cons are simply that you have no recommendations of the programme in this exact format, as it’s not been run like this before. But what you DO have, are general recommendations and the benefit of a combined 40+ years of HR and L&D experience in the virtual room!

How much does the Programme cost?

A LOT LESS than you might think!

In fact, many programmes are offering a similar level of content (or less) than this one for over £2000 per person.

We’re highly confident that our programme is a worthwhile investment, and remember that it’s ONLY going to be this price for this cohort in May/June.

£495 per person


Book now and you’ll get:

  • Live training from 2 facilitators
  • Coaching
  • Feedback on your own impact
  • Workbook
  • Resources list
  • PDF downloads

And as a bonus (if you’d like it) you’ll get

  • An additional ‘get to know you’ session
  • Ongoing support via The Progress Club – free Facebook Community

You can also join The Progress Club NOW for free resources, tips and ideas on all kinds of topics designed to help you make real progress in your role and your career. Click here to join.

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