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Let’s get skills-swapping!

two people swapping skills they have learnt

Years ago, I spent Saturday mornings watching Multi-Coloured Swap Shop.

The idea was simple. If I’ve got a Barbie that I don’t want, but I’d love a Tonka Truck, I give Swap Shop a call (bonus points for you if you remember the phone number!), share what I’m offering and what I’d like, and with any luck I’d get a match.

Not only that, there was a ‘Swaporama’ where kids would swarm together in a swapping frenzy. Believe me, pre-internet, it was mind-blowing!

How could you use that idea now for learning?

Skills swaps! Everyone knows how to do something that other people don’t.

You could use this in a team meeting – who has a skill you want to learn? What can you offer in return? Keep it as big or small as you like – “I’ll show you how to insert cool graphics on your slides if you show me how to set up Power Automate”

Or how about a virtual swap shop somewhere on your intranet?

Or as an ending to a workshop or a programme?

In fact, you could we even do something like this on LinkedIn. Here’s where you can find me if we’re not already connected.

Oh, and if you do a swap at work, let me know how it goes – leave a comment below. Always love to hear what you’re up to!

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