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Sometimes we focus on learning and development at work that we forget how important it is in a wider context.

That’s why every May, the UK has a National Learning at Work Week.

If you’re not familiar with the principle, every year, the Campaign for Learning support individuals and businesses nationally to focus on Learning for the week.

The idea is that you take their support and ideas to run specific activities designed to encourage learning and growth.

This year’s theme was Learning Power. Exploring how lifelong learning gives us power to change, grow and achieve our goals.

On the Learning at Work Week websitethey share the 3 strands for each year’s theme, along with ideas of what you could explore.  The 3 strands for 2024 are:

  • Power to grow
  • Power to connect
  • Power to engage

There are plenty of ideas to get you started – and hopefully, this nudge will mean you’ve got some thinking time if you want to really engage people this year.

What if you missed National Learning at Work Week? Why not start thinking about how a week focused on learning could make a difference to your company.  it could be for this year or you could do this to coincide with National Learning at Work Week 2025.  How could you do this?

Perhaps by:

  • increasing collaboration
  • giving a better business understanding
  • developing specific skillsets

Or whatever your key development focus is. And then tailor your business case, marketing and activities for Learning at Work Week to fit.

The Campaign for Learning also provides guidance (click here for their downloadable PDF) on how to do exactly this.

Remember that National Learning at Work Week not only helps you to raise awareness, boost people’s skills and benefit the business – it’s also a great way to raise your own credibility!

Got any genius ideas that you’re happy to share? Would love to know what you’re getting up to!  Please share them in the Leave a Comment section below. 

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