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When I worked in-house, I was terrified of social media. I knew that posting more would help in a few ways:

  • Build my reputation
  • Create more connections
  • Get me thinking differently

But I hardly posted at all. My overriding fears were of being judged, and not being able to share anything that anyone would be interested in. Have you ever felt that too?

But if it’s been some time, I wonder if there’s an opportunity to bring some shadowing into your own development?

What ACTUALLY happened when I started sharing more? 

  • People were learning new ideas and tools
  • They started letting me know how much things had helped them
  • My confidence, network and reputation grew

I still get stuck. And I still lose my way from time to time. However, I know the value (for me and hopefully others too) so it’s part of what I do.

So here’s your challenge if you’ve not done it before. Share a quick L&D tip on social media – and tag me in to it so I can cheer you on! LinkedIn is the main place to find me these days, so let’s connect in if we’re not already!

Here’s a whole raft of tips for L&D folk who want to elevate themselves out of ‘the trainer trap.’ They’re all on my LinkedIn feed – pop over and check them out.

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