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It doesn’t have to be a cringefest – I promise!

A few years back, I was invited to speak at a Disrupt HR event in Peterborough.

I’d never heard of Disrupt HR before, but I loved the idea! In short: each speaker has one key idea, presented to the audience over 5 minutes, using 20 slides – and the slides are timed to change every 15 seconds.

You need to be brief, sharp, keep attention and land a message.

So there I was, primed and raring to go … when the event was cancelled. It wasn’t until last year that I actually managed to attend a live event (believe me, I’d consumed a whole swathe of the videos – love them!) and it was fabulous.

High energy, lots of takeaways and the opportunity to meet and connect in with folk.

If you’re looking for a great place to get fresh thinking or perspectives AND you’ve got a short attention span, this is the event for you. Especially if you’re looking to expand your network!

Why not do one of the following three things this week to make progress?

  1. Find a local networking group you’ve been meaning to check out for a while. It’s through building great relationships that great things happen!
  2. Check out some of the previous Disrupt HR videos to get a burst of inspiration, or see if you like the format!
  3. Assess your network. This is an activity I run for professionals wanting to make progress in their careers, and you can access a version for free. 

I always love to hear what you’re up to; please let me know using the Leave a Comment section below.

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