We help people leaders develop the skills to build performance and engagement


Are your managers new to the role? Experienced, but unsure of how to deal with tricky team members or situations? Perhaps they steer clear of the conversations that YOU know would make a massive difference to avoid disciplinaries or prevent critical team members from leaving the business. 

Our Lead! Programme covers all the essential areas to transform your managers into people leaders. You already know that the top reasons for people leaving jobs right now are: 

  • Poor relationship with their manager
  • Lack of career progression or development
  • Feeling undervalued or unappreciated 

So we focus on these core areas and build managers confidence, skillsets and experience. As a result, their team members are more engaged, more productive and more likely to stay. 

The programme covers 5 modules, with additional elements before the start, in between the modules and reflection at the end. We role-model best practise in leadership throughout, so participants don’t just learn the theory, and get the tools, they experience it first hand. 


Get prepared!

We begin by establishing what their role is, what they believe are their strengths and development areas and their goals for the programme.

We use this data to focus on any content necessary to meet their needs and to measure progress through the programme.

Module 1
Lead Self

What impact do they have as people leaders?

We focus on their ‘natural’ approach, exploring how their mindset, working styles and communication preferences impact their teams.

We also focus on their strengths, development areas and highlight the changes they can put into place right away.

Module 2
Lead Engagement

We explore psychological safety, building trust and the leadership styles which get results through creating engagement.

We practise core conversation skills and how to get the best from their teams. This is all about getting the relationship right first, so that we can build performance.

Module 3
Lead Performance

Now it’s time to shift the needle on performance. We explore how to set expectations, hold people accountable to them.

We tackle the tougher conversations, sharing the words and phrases to give feedback and get people back on track.

1-1s become more than a tick-box activity and instead, participants learn how to really make them work.

Module 4
Lead Development

Once people are performing, we focus on getting them from good to great. This is when we focus on coaching, development and progress.

Not only will participants develop their core coaching skills, they’ll explore how to develop their team members in line with their career aspirations and the organisation’s needs.

Module 5
Lead Teams

The final stage is focused on the whole team. From onboarding new members, to dealing with derailing dynamics.

We explore the psychology of high performing teams, and the key tools and techniques to get communication flowing whether the team is remote, in person or hybrid.

after the programme

We close the programme in one of 3 ways: 

With a follow up group coaching session. Participants share what’s gone well so others can learn from it, and we support with any challenges they may have.

With a presentation to senior stakeholders of what participants have learnt, what they’ve put into practise and the results.

With a reflective essay to demonstrate their progress throughout the programme. 

We then revisit the data gathered before and during the programme and make recommendations for any ongoing areas of focus. 

Use the link below to book in a 30 minute call so we can find out the exact challenges you’re facing and give you our recommendations. 

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