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Insights Discovery®

Do you have teams that struggle to work together effectively? New teams (or teams that are mostly virtual and haven’t yet learnt much about each other) who need to get to high performance quickly? Or maybe, they need a ‘language’ to use to help explain the differences in working preferences, so that they can be even more effective.

A day of Insights Discovery® can make such a difference!

When people become more self-aware, know what makes them tick and understand the working styles and preferences of others, we see big shifts in performance.

It’s not just about the knowledge, it’s about what you do with the knowledge. How you then adapt your communication and ways of working to get the best from those around you.

An Insights Discovery® Day is designed to:

"Given the relationship between … teamwork and crucial business outcomes -- such as productivity, profitability and customer perceptions of service quality -- teams hold the keys to organisational health." - Gallup 

Insights Discovery®  uses a simple and memorable colour model to help people understand their style, their strengths and the value they bring to the team. Known as ‘colour energies’, it’s the unique mix of Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool Blue which determines how and why people behave the way they do.

And did you know? We can also add Insights Discovery®  into our Lead! or The Influence A.B.C.® programmes too – it’s not just for teams!

If you’re ready to Make Real Progress
with Insights Discovery®

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