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What stops your managers from coaching their team members? Is it a lack of knowledge? Skills? Or time? Perhaps it’s a combination of all three … 

Coaching is proven to be one of the most productive and under-used people leadership skills. A coach approach encourages people to learn, develop and grow – but critically, to take ownership and action. 

Many training companies offer up coaching courses (usually 1 or 2 days). And some offer coaching accreditation – which is usually far more in-depth, time-consuming and costly than many companies can afford or the average manager needs for their day job. 

The Coaching Suite takes a different approach. We have a range of 8 virtually run modules, all designed to boost coaching skills and knowledge in just 100 minutes. 

Each module will either: 

  • Provide the basic skills / knowledge to coach on the job 
  • Provide tools and techniques to deal with specific challenges through coaching 

So that managers are better equipped to coach their team members.  


Coaching Foundations

What’s the start point if you’ve not coached others before?

It all starts with a coaching mindset and the ability to withhold judgement, be curious and ask great questions. This workshop is what you need if you don’t yet know the what, the why and the first steps to take.

You’ll discover:

  • The principles of good coaching
  • Your ‘default’ style on the coaching continuum
  • The difference between coaching, consulting, directing, mentoring and therapy
  • How to ask great questions with a simple framework


How about if you don’t have time to coach?

It really doesn’t need to take hours. We’ll show you how in a short space of time you can use coaching questions and techniques that make a huge difference without taking a huge amount of time.

You’ll discover:

  • The golden opportunities to coach in the moment
  • How to create a coach-approachThe quickest tool to use
  • A range of questions for quick coaching

Coaching Resilience

It’s normal for resilience levels to fluctuate.

It’s also normal for them to drop in times of extreme stress and pressure. But how do you coach those who resilience tanks tend to run a little lower?

In this workshop we’ll cover how you:

  • Know when to coach and when to refer someone for more specialised support
  • Enable people to respond to pressure in different ways
  • Shift beliefs and mindsets
  • Measure and increase resilience levels

Coaching High Performance

How can you help your people move from good to great?

With the right coaching techniques you can create unbeatable performance levels. This workshop is perfect for those with motivated team members who need and want more stretch and challenge.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Tap into their focus and potential
  • Help them to keep their motivation and focus levels high
  • Use goal setting approaches based on their preferences
  • Create habits for success


Lack of confidence or imposterism can really hold people back.

Many of us will experience one or both during our working careers. Managers who spot the signs and can coach their team members through are likely to reap the rewards.

This workshop will help you to:

  • Recognise the common behaviour patterns
  • Understand the typical sources of challenge for people who are experiencing these
  • Learn the key areas to focus the coaching on
  • Discover the most effective tools and questions to use

Coaching to Build

At times, performance levels might drop. There can be many reasons for this, and sometimes it’s less straightforward to deal with than re-stating your expectations and giving feedback.

In this workshop we’ll explore how to:

  • Use a coach approach to surface what’s underneath the performance dip
  • Build confidence and skills to get them back on track
  • Enable them to take ownership for their performance improvement
  • Set them up for future success

Coaching Change

Change is inevitable, but our response to change is often emotionally led.

When changes fail, it’s usually down to human resistance. This workshop is perfect to help you coach people to understand their reactions and move forward.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Recognise the key ways people resist change
  • Build your toolkit to help people overcome their resistance
  • Create the skills for people to navigate change effectively
  • Help them to build a productive change mindset


Coaching is a key skill for managers and leaders.

You may well have already have got to grips with the basics and be comfortable with asking open questions. Now you want to expand your coaching repertoire and learn a range of tools that really work.

These ten tools will enable you and your coachees to:

  • Easily identify where more support or focus is needed
  • Reframe difficulties and challenges
  • Generate ideas and options
  • Solve problems and make decisions

You can choose to run all 8 modules as a whole programme, or select the workshops which are most relevant for your managers. 

Let’s have a chat to see how
The Coaching Suite can help your managers to
Make Real Progress with coaching in your business!

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